IntoWorks Oy maintains a customer- and marketing register, to which personal data are stored according to this policy.

1) The register is maintained by IntoWorks Oy, Y-2627612-8. The postal address is Liitintie 14, 90630 Oulu.

2) The contact person for matters concerning the register is the company CEO. General enquiries for the register shall be addressed to

3) The name of the register is ”IntoWorks Oy Asiakas- ja markkinointirekisteri" (IntoWorks Customer and marketing register).

4) The purpose of processing of personal information is upkeep of customer relations and marketing. Personal information is used for creation, maintaining, management, updating, analyzing, and improving the customer relationship, as well as customer communications, design and focusing of marketing, improvement of customer service, and measuring, tracking and developing of business practices.

5) Information in the register is as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Organization and job title
  3. Mother tongue
  4. Contact information (telephone, email, postal address, fax, possible other contact details)
  5. For customers, link to project or contract
  6. For IntoWorks electronic services provided, user profile, including used services, activity, interests
  7. Permission for electronic marketing

6) Regular information sources:

  1. Any documents created in the context of a project or contract
  2. Previous registered cooperation with IntoWorks Oy
  3. Information presented by Organization employing the individual (e.g. WWW-pages)
  4. Personal co-operation
  5. Information systems and services provided by IntoWorks (upon user registration)

7) Regular disclosure of information: Information is not disclosed outside IntoWorks.

8) Processing of information outside EU and EEA countries: Information is not processed outside EU and EEA countries.

9) Protection of personal data: The register is used in electronic format as a protected ICT service. A physical register does not exist. Any printouts will be processed in IntoWorks Oy locked premises, and the printouts will be destroyed immediately after the need for their use ceases to exist.

10) Right for inspection and revoking consent: Any registered party has the right to inspect any information pertaining to the party from the register, or withhold the consent for the use of the data. IntoWorks Oy has the responsibility to present any information pertaining to the registered party, and delete any information pertaining to the registered party if the party so requests. The registered party has the right to demand any mistaken information in the register to be corrected, and IntoWorks Oy is under obligation to correct the mistaken information in the register.

11) Any request of inspection, correction, or deletion shall be sent in writing and with an official signature to the address denoted in section 1). IntoWorks shall respond to the requests within three calendar months, counted from the receipt of the request at IntoWorks.