Procuring technology for Your critical applications?

IntoWorks performs technology pre-assessments to decrease Your risks and supplier assessments to choose a capable supplier for Your purposes.
With the procurement consulting IntoWorks helps You to control the overall procurement process and delivery supervision.

Developing dependable technology?

Are You a technology developer or a system supplier?
Do You want a partner who has talent to help You fulfill also the requirements of tomorrow?
Contact IntoWorks.

Interested in the future of Your facility?

Your investment will perform with proper maintenance activities. The modifications and improvements are part of the plant lifecycle.
IntoWorks helps You to assess the status of the plant, with analyses, in decision making situations related to modifications and with technical documentation.

Want to perform better?

IntoWorks trains You the development of safety- or dependability critical applications.
Our specialties are systems engineering, safety critical software architectures and functional safety applications.

Hosting critical infrastructure?

IntoWorks offers tailored services for nuclear sector and other critical infrastructure operators.

IntoWorks is a company specialized to make Your technology related performance better. That means more safety, more reliability and more efficiency. Our expertise covers:

  • Expert services in functional safety (SFS-EN IEC 61508 and derivatives such as SFS-EN IEC 61511)

  • Risk and reliability analyses, risk management processes (ISO 31000)

  • Failure analyses (HAZOP, FMEA, STPA/STAMP)

  • Assessments of systems, system architectures and software architectures

  • Expert services and assessments in nuclear I&C applications

  • Expert services in licensing and qualification of nuclear technology

  • Assessments of technology suppliers (pre-qualification assessments, assessments using ISO9001 or SPICE frameworks)

  • Expert services in requirements engineering and requirements management

  • Expert services in configuration management

  • Independent verification and validation of system architectures, software and software architectures


Aviation Space and Defence


IoT and infosociety




IntoWorks Oy was established in 2014. We are focused on offering solution oriented expert services and assessment services for dependability and safety critical industries, authorities and critical infrastructure.